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About Us 

Almost 50 years of Building Custom Stringed Musical Instruments for Professional Musicians 

Since 1981, Erickson Design Associates(EDA) has been an industrial/product design studio specializing in electric guitar and bass design, sound and acoustical engineering, as well as professional recording technical services and systems design. In addition, EDA provides product design engineering and computerized product CAD services.

In 1968 by Gary Erickson started building instruments out of his home in Newport Beach, CA. At first, these were for friends and neighbors, but soon his reputation grew and throughout his college years he acquired additional monetary support through building and repairing instruments. In 1981, Gary founded Erickson Design Associates, at first located in Costa Mesa, CA. and then relocating to several different facilities located in Fountain Valley, California.

During this time, Mr. Erickson applied for several patents in the field of Acoustic/Electric Transference Materials and Tremolo Action/Reaction Physics. Over the following years several patents and designs have been developed with these new innovative theories.
EDA, now offers Nut and Bridge Saddle Systems as well as, Acoustic Sensors for most acoustic and electric instruments.
Erickson Guitars became one of the many product lines that Erickson Design Associates has produced throughout the last 36 years. These products have been acclaimed by world famous group and solo artists, such as Davey Jonstone of Elton John, Steve Kimoc of Zero, Bob Weir of the Greatful Dead, Kenny Tamplin, Chuck King, and Loren Robinson of Shout, Richard "Teke" Farkas of Purplesque and GTM5, Traci "SuperT" Underwood", Tom Waits, Vince Neil of "Motley Crue", Mark Bonilla of California Transit Authority Band(CTA), Paul Gilbert, Bruce Bouillet, of Racer X, and Jazz Fusion solo artist, Alan Holdsworth. There are many others but anyone of these artists, acclamation of acceptance, is enough.
Some of our best compliments have come from industry professionals and well renowned artisan/builders. A working relationship with many other artists and technicians has allowed the The EDA and Erickson Guitar product lines to prove itself under intense professional scrutiny. To date we can report 100% customer satisfaction, because we work with the Customer until the instrument or any other of our products, is correctly performing to our own standards of excellence. Once we are satisfied, then our focus is to make sure our customers’ standards of excellence, have been met. At Erickson, we simply believe, there is no other way to conduct business.

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