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Seraph Series Basses ™

Seraph™ Bass Line:
The Highest Level of Performance
In the Bible, there are several references to a Seraphim, the highest level of angels.  Like its namesake, the Seraph line of guitars offers the highest level of quality, playability and angelic performance expected from such an elite instrument.  The master luthiers at Erickson Guitars have molded the traditional shapes of the past into the pinnacle of functional form. The Seraphs integrate Erickson Design Associates state-of-the-art System components, Tone Hound™ Acoustic Sensor System transducers and an innovative Erickson concurvature body into an instrument worthy of paradise.

Almost 50 years of Building Custom Stringed Musical Instruments for Professional Musicians 

Erickson Basses, are Bass guitars of unparalleled tonal response and playability. These instruments are fully integrated with Theory "Z"™ Components Parts and Tone Hound™ Acoustic Sensor systems. Our instruments are built in small quantities to control quality to the highest standards. Designed for customer approval on CAD, our woods are data spectrum analyzed for the desired frequency response before being hand constructed This is accomplished by the continued use of "Fast Fourier Transfer Analysis”(FFT), to define the tonal equalization, thus allowing for material and construction options to be applied for the customization of the frequencies throughout the bandwidth". Additional FFT testing, at each crucial decision stage, of the custom build, provides further analysis and provides options to refine the resultant tonal bandwidth. Combining the woods and components into an instrument with a predictable, highly refined and tuned tonal bandwidth allows for the instrument is "designed by each customers imagination”

"Hue-rizon" Finishes
Below are color samples of our Translucent Color "Hue-rizon" Finishes developed for the new Erickson Seraph Bass series. Choose from our translucent one color or our Hue-burst designs.  Because we only use select pieces of exotic tone woods, we exclusively use translucent color toners and dyes that bring out the extraordinary beauty of the wood grain. We no longer paint solid colors. We also build these basses with many other pickup configurations; depending on the desired sound and style of music you wish to play. These color sample bodies were designed for hard rock to heavy metal, although this configuration can be used for almost any style as long as the neck pickup is not in the way of the players right hand technique. Control locations are also optional depending on configuration.

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