After almost 50 years of building custom stringed musical instruments, we are pleased to continue to influence the sphere of guitar building & design. Erickson Guitars and our affiliated Luthier school, in addition to the creation of the Southern California Association of Luthiers (SCALE), has been able to produce many fine Luthiers for our industry. We are driven to continue pushing the envelope of acoustic design engineering and analysis of instrument shape, electronics and hardware, by the utilization of FFT analysis of domestic and exotic tone woods, composites, finishes and component part materials.
Great strides have been made in constructing instruments that produce an ever more predictable tone color. Utilizing our "Fast Fourier Tuned Bandwidth" analysis, an instrument can be essentially duplicated, or by design, altered to another desired tone color with appreciable predictability.  A considerable amount of data is now available to be evaluated at each stage of the build. Our analysis allows us to shape the desired result, "tailored" for our customers design and vision of their optimum performing Guitar or Bass. Our ultimate goal is to produce Guitars and Basses Designed by Your Imagination.

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1980- This is the 2nd Hollow-body Flat-Top Electric guitar #002. Custom built 10 years later, it also has upgraded electronics and internal effects with dual output.

In1966, I made this bass and  several additional electric guitars from Koa wood. They all had dual outputs for bi-amping.

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In 1964, I made this Dulcimer. I was only 12, so my Dad taught me to use the tools and let me experience design and building processes for myself. This was my 1st stringed instrument.

Almost 50 years of Building Custom Stringed Musical Instruments for Professional Musicians 

1970-- Built my 1st Hollow-body Flat-Top Electric guitar for myself  #001. I needed a full toned instrument to play in the Jazz Band at college. I still play this guitar. The electronics are upgraded and now has internal effects with dual output.

1981-- Costa Mesa Facility #1 On-board Effects Boxes Installed In Guitars. Now offering Custom Flat top Hollow Body Electric guitars and basses.

This anthology is still continually under construction. Many more pictures and information are to be posted, as time permits. Thanks for your patience!

This instrument has installed in it,

a Tom Shultz Rockman IIB effect system with additional EDA integrated bass boost & attenuation.

To achieve the resonance of an acoustic, it also has an EDA Tone Hound Acoustic sensor installed.


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1984 moved to Fountain Valley Facility #1

Home Shop Projects while attending college 1968-1980

David Garcia with his

Erickson Genesis Hollow Body.

Matty also showed off his latest Baratto  Les Paul reproduction. Beautiful job!

1984 Costa Mesa Facility #2

Coming Soon, Once Again!


2006 SCALE meeting with Matty Barotta

presenting his Cigar box guitars.

Because there are too many pictures to post on this web page, (to date we have built over 3500 instruments), this anthology will concentrate on the design, development and event milestones. If we have not posted a picture of an instrument you own, and you would like it in this anthology, please send us one. Film cameras of the time were not always readily available or loaded with film, so many of the early Erickson Guitars were not photographed before leaving the shop. Additionally, many customers did not want to take time or were not ready for a photo, so many of the newer instruments final completions, were not photo documented.

Southern California Association

of Luthiers and Enthusiasts