​​​"Guitars and Basses Designed by Your Imagination!"

With 46 years of experience building custom stringed musical instruments, Erickson Guitars is now offering a new cosmetically and technically refined product line of guitars and basses appropiately named the “Seraph™"series.  Ergonomically designed body and neck shapes allow easier fingering access for uncompromised playability. New proprietary breakthroughs in Erickson component parts, further the design refinement, by adding headroom and bandwidth to the available frequency response.
Over the decades, consistent testing of various domestic and exotic woods, has resulted in an extensive knowledge base. Utilizing this library of technical information has provided Erickson Guitars the ability to construct instruments and component parts with greater resonance, sustain, overall bandwidth, and a customizable tonal color.
This is accomplished by the continued use of "Fast Fourier Transfer Analysis”(FFT), to define the tonal equalization, thus allowing for material and construction options to be applied for the customization of the frequencies throughout the bandwidth". Additional FFT testing, at each crucial decision stage, of the custom build, provides further analysis and provides options to refine the resultant tonal bandwidth. Combining the woods and components into an instrument with a predictable, highly refined and tuned tonal bandwidth allows for the guitar or bass, being “designed by each customers imagination”, to finally come to fruition and become an integral part of their expanding creative musical reality.




Erickson Custom Builders and Modified Instruments

offer a choice of many different brands of electronics and hardware. We have a large variety  of domestic

and exotic tonewood blanks for custom design orders. We love doing instrument modifications, our customers have helped push the envelope of design creation. 

Guitars and Basses Designed by Your  Imagination 

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