Instrument Builds

Specialized Build for Teke Farkas

Why do our clients prefer Erickson Guitars?

Communication is the key to all beneficial relationships. Constant input and feedback are just part of the solution to building the instrument of you dreams. There are many trade-offs to be determined in the design and development process. The playability and final frequency response of your specialized instrument is determined by the choices in wood, shape, size, finish, hardware, and any additional features you designate as requirements for your build. Not all requirements will work together without multiple trade-offs and design changes. Each design feature must be analyzed to assure that it is beneficial and not detrimental to the sound and playability requirements. Here at Erickson Guitars we work as close as possible with each client to produce an instrument that has a distinct personality in tonal quality, while creating a playability that feels as though the instrument was an extension of their own essence. To accomplish this, a close rapport has to be established between client and builder. This rapport must be cultivated in the design and FFT testing processes and continues throughout the necessary modifications, until the instruments completion. This is the unique and unorthodox approach that makes up the Erickson Guitar experience. Erickson Guitars… “Redefining instruments, designed and built for your unlimited imagination”

Teke's build began in an unusual fashion. He had been all over the country learning about what was possible from other builders. Teke put it this way, " When I decided to embark on a true custom bass build, Douglas Elbert asked how far I planned to go down the rabbit hole. I said, "All the way". True to my nature, that is exactly what I did. That in itself was a daunting enough task. Doing things never done before adds to the complexity. Thrown into the mix is exploring the latest new parts, pieces, technologies and materials? I did not realize at the time what I was really getting into. But what an AMAZING opportunity and journey this is! More to come...